heartsurgeryIn light of the complex array of surgical variables and growing demand for minimally invasive procedures as medicine evolves to a best outcome reward scale, IONM continues to be the gold standard for minimizing risk and cost of liability from litigation. Neuropath reliably performs the full range of monitoring modalities to support orthopedic, neurosurgical, vascular, otolaryngological, radiological, and cardiothoracic procedures.  Research and clinical studies have shown that effective IONM can make surgery safer and protect your patients from unintended harm.

A Decade of Delivering Service Excellence to Surgeons

Neuropath has a national reputation for excellence, and has been delivering the highest quality, most reliable IONM service to our surgeon and facility partners for over a decade.  In fact, we have never lost a surgeon customer.  We are very proud of this fact, and are more than happy to connect you to one or more of our customers for confirmation.

Neuropath Delivers:

Experienced and Highly Trained Technologists

Neuropath’s expert and skilled professionals set the bar in terms of quality in IONM service delivery. Our technologists receive extensive on the job training, continuing education and evaluation. All of our technologists are CNIM certified by ABRET or in process.

Wide Breadth of Serviceable Cases and Modality Capability

Neuropath has deep roots in academic medicine.  As a result, our technologists have unique expertise, competence, and experience in some of the most challenging IONM procedures, including complex cranial and vascular surgeries.  We internally credential our technologists for different types of complex cases and monitoring modalities, and are able to utilize the professional most suited to any particular case at any given time.

Technologists with Superior Communication Skills

Effective communication between the technologist and surgeon is critically important.  Technical competence is a given with Neuropath technologists, but communication skills are  of utmost importance in the operating room.  We hand pick our technologists and technologist candidates first and foremost for their communication skills.  We believe this to be of particular advantage to our surgeon partners.

Board Certified Physician Oversight and HIPAA Compliance

Neurophysiological data generated during surgery is transmitted real time to the Supervising Physician through HIPAA-compliant secure and continuous data transmission for instant analysis of monitoring results.  All of our professionals are covered by comprehensive liability and professional liability insurance.

24/7/365 Availability and On-Time Promise

Neuropath technologists, board certified neurologists and schedulers are available around the clock 24/7/365 to respond to your needs and inquiries and provide coverage for your cases including late evening, emergency, weekend and holiday cases, and respond to your needs and inquiries. Our professionals will be where they are supposed to be, when they are supposed to be there, every time. Our technologists arrive an hour before a procedure is scheduled to familiarize the patient with IONM and answer any questions.

Reliability, Safety and Standardized Protocols

Neuropath makes surgery safer.  We maintain a robust set of operating procedures and protocols, including clear and comprehensive documentation and reporting for records, operational and quality assurance procedures, HIPAA-compliant secure data usage and storage protocols, and professional oversight by a board certified physician.  Following surgery, a comprehensive report is generated and placed in the patient’s chart including results for each modality that is tested during the surgery and professional commentary.  The reading physician’s report is also made available in an easy-to-use format for the surgeon to review.  Further enhancing safety, Neuropath professionals stay up-to-date on technology, techniques, research and medical developments in IONM, only using top tier monitoring equipment.

“Quality. Reliability. Expertise. Service Excellence. Delivered 24/7/365. Neuropath. Your Partner for Intraoperative Monitoring.”

“In a research article examining intraoperative SSEP monitoring during 100 cervical spine decompression surgeries, a significant increase in clinical effectiveness was found in the use of neuromonitoring vs. the unmonitored control group. There was a 3.7% incidence of quadriplegia and a 0.5% incidence of death in the unmonitored patients. There was zero incidence of quadriplegia or death in the group that was SSEP monitored.” (Epstein et. al., Journal of Spine Disorders, 1993, 18(6):737-74)