Hospitals and Facilities

Hospitals and Facilities

Research and clinical studies have shown that even when the best in class surgeons are operating in and around critically sensitive structures such as the brain, spine, nerves and vasculature, due to complex variables, such as excessive retraction or blood pressure fluctuations, the potential for post-operative damage to neural or vascular structures is a reality. IONM has become a true standard of care for these types of high risk cases, resulting in predictably safer surgical outcomes, while reducing both risk and cost of liability from litigation for facilities and surgeons. An outsourced IONM program can provide meaningful savings to your health care facility by absorbing the ongoing expenses required to recruit and train IONM specialists and providing state of the art equipment.

Neuropath Delivers:

Wide Breadth of Monitoring Capabilities and Hard to Find Expertise in Complex Cranial Cases

Neuropath has unique expertise and experience in some of the more complex and challenging IONM procedures. While cranial or vascular based IONM procedures typically comprise 5% or fewer of total cases in the market, by virtue of our academic medicine roots, this segment of complex cases comprises over 30% by volume of our annual cases. All of our technologists are competent in the widest array of possible cases.  If you have a complex case, it is highly likely that we have performed it on a daily basis.  Neuropath is known and highly regarded for supporting these complex cases.

Neuropath reliably performs the full range of IONM procedures including, but not limited to orthopedic, neurosurgical, vascular, otolaryngological, radiological, and cardiothoracic. We utilize the full range of monitoring modalities and internally credential our technologists for different types of complex cases and monitoring modalities.  In this vein, we utilize the professional most suited to any particular case.

Highest Quality Service and Credentials Available

Neuropath has been delivering the highest quality, most reliable IONM service to our partners for over a decade.  In fact, we have never lost a surgeon client.  We are very proud of this fact, and are more than happy to connect you to one or more of our customers for references.  All of our technologists endure extensive training and are CNIM certified by ABRET. After certification, our internal evaluation and continuing education processes keep them up to date on the most recent monitoring techniques, ensuring their ability to demonstrate optimum performance even in the most complex cases.

Rigorous Operating Procedures

Neuropath maintains a robust set of operating procedures and protocols. Scheduling is simple, streamlined, and fully customizable to suit your needs.  Neuropath’s supervising Physicians are licensed and credentialed.  Neurophysiological data generated during surgery in the operating room is transmitted real time to the supervising Physician for professional oversight through a HIPAA compliant secure and continuous data transmission for instant analysis of monitoring results.

Cost Effective and Flexible Service

Neuropath delivers high quality and competitive rate IONM service, and is committed to being an efficient and cost-effective provider to your facility. We offer full flexibility in the provision of IONM services (e.g. technologist only; technologist with equipment and supplies only; reading physician only; turnkey service with technologist and equipment, supervising neurologist, administrative support; etc.).

24/7 Availability and On-Time Promise

Neuropath technologists, board certified supervising physicians, and schedulers are available around the clock 24/7/365 to provide coverage for your cases or to respond to any needs or inquiries. Our team will do what is necessary to service your cases reliably, and our technologists are available to cover late evening, emergency, weekend, and holiday cases, as well as those that extend beyond 24 hours in duration. Our technologists will be where they are supposed to be, when they are supposed to be there, every time.

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“In a research paper that examined 97,586 spinal compromise surgeries including scoliosis in which 53% of cases were monitored and 47% were not, there was a 50% decline in major neurologic deficits in the monitored patients group versus the non-monitored group.”(Nuwer, MR, et. al., Journal of Electroencepholography and Clinical Neuorphysiology, 1995, 96:6-11)