Company Overview

doctorNeuropath is a trusted national leader in IONM and diagnostic support services to surgeons and health care facilities for spine, complex cranial, and other surgical procedures. Neuropath also provides perioperative blood management and autotransfusion services to hospitals in the Southeast. For over a decade, leading healthcare providers have relied on Neuropath to deliver experienced, reliable, and high quality IONM support on a 24/7/365 basis. Founded with the goal of creating a true “standard of care” in medicine for IONM, Neuropath has earned a reputation throughout the United States for service excellence in patient care, helping surgeons deliver optimal surgical outcomes through improved patient safety while reducing liability and cost for both physicians and hospitals.

Neuropath’s technologists are rigorously trained and experienced, implementing the most current and proven IONM techniques available. Our technologists use state of the art equipment in which real time data can be viewed remotely by a supervising board certified physician. All data is collected in a manner suitable for post hoc analysis for presentation and publication.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Neuropath provides rapid, accurate and reliable intraoperative monitoring in order to support the surgical procedure by:

  • Creating a true “standard of care” for IONM
  • Recognizing a real change quickly, diagnosing its cause efficiently, and effectively communicating it to the surgeon
  • Distinguishing false positive situations from real changes
  • Tailoring our monitoring techniques to best suit the needs of the individual patient and surgeon
  • Ensuring patient safety by informing the surgeon and anesthesia team of the requirements necessary to execute proper IONM
  • Providing the type of positive and supportive attitudes that the surgical team may be proud of

“Quality. Reliability. Expertise. Service Excellence. Delivered 24/7/365. Neuropath. Your Partner for Intraoperative Monitoring.”